Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Instructors: [Elena Iannucci]

Event Information

SWING & FOXTROT w/ Elena Iannucci @ Uniondale Library LI NY
Monday, Jul 25 7-8:30pm

. NO Experience Necessary!
. No Partner Required ... Class will rotate partners!

Beginners will be introduced to these popular partner dances in just one night!

Foxtrot is a classic Social Ballroom dance. In most old movies when you see a large crowd dancing close with their partners to a big band, they are doing Foxtrot. The Foxtrot is built around two basic rhythms: slow-quick-quick at the slower tempo, and slow-slow-quick-quick at a somewhat faster pace.

Born in the 1920's/30's in Harlem, swing dancing was strongly influenced by the Charleston and other dances of the 20's. It can be danced to a variety of music, from big band swing to 50's rock n' roll music. At the advanced level it's upbeat form, Lindy Hop, can be done with aerials (acrobatic air steps, timed to the music) which are choreographed and practiced.

Foxtrot can be danced slowly to beautiful ballads (think Sinatra) or to faster, jazzier Big Band music, the same style of music that you can dance Swing to. Speed is usually the deciding factor that makes a song better for Foxtrot (slower tempos) or for Swing (faster tempos), but you can usually dance a slow swing to any Foxtrot tune. In fact it can be fun, and not too difficult, to go back and forth between Swing and Foxtrot in the same dance !!

Details & Registration
(*Limited Registration*)

Location/Contact: Uniondale Public Library

400 Uniondale Ave Uniondale, NY 11553
(516) 489-2220