Time: 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Instructors: [Jen Barnett]

Event Information

with Special Guest Luis Arredondo (founder of Lindy Hop Revolution in Toronto) and Bal Champ, Jennifer Barnett

Saturday, November 16

Session 1: Maximize Your Outs & Ins
Level: Intermediate & Up

In BalSwing's original heyday, the out and in was considered a basic that could be used much more versitiley than we use it today. Come learn how to expand your use of out and ins to increase the variety and flow in your dancing.

Session 2: Laminu
All Levels: No Pre-Requisites

Slow Bal is a beautiful dance with Dean's Basic as the most common foundational pattern. But the Laminu is an important part of Slow Balboa and gives a whole new flavor to the dance as a basic. Come see what this hidden gem can add to your slow Bal.

Session 3: Balboa at the Edge
Level: Advanced

Balboa is known as a dance that can be enjoyed at fast tempos, and we can help you push your limit. For those dancers already very comfortable dancing at 200 bmp, we'll explore the techniques that allow you to reach 300 bmp songs like White Heat.

For All Day Pricing (ALL 3 sessions), you can book online- go to:
$80 In Advance/ $95 Day Of

For other options, Register by phone (call YSBD/ 212-244-0011)
Two Sessions ONLY (1&2 or 2&3): $45 In Advance/ $55 Day Of
One Session ONLY (session 1 or 3): $40

Location / Information:
You Should Be Dancing...! 412 8th Ave, 4th flr NYC 212-244-0011