Evan Griffiths

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“Evan is the West Coast’s ‘secret weapon’. He is one of the most talented leaders (and followers!) around, with a refined ear for the music, and the technical understanding of the dance in order to interpret successfully what he hears. Evan has paid his dues as a dancer, teacher and musician in the Tango and it is obvious when you see/hear him.”

---Alex Krebs

“Evan’s glowing passion for Tango is most inspiring. His understanding of the musicality and sophisticated interpretation kept my eyes glued to his dancing. As well as being the refined leader and follower he is, I trust his approach to teaching will be rewarding to all students.”

---Tomas Howlin(Brigitta’s dance partner)

Evan is one of the finest dancers, teachers, musicians, and DJs in the US tango scene. He’s a beautiful exciting performer, and an irreplaceable social dancer. Sometimes quiet and incredibly subtle, sometimes drastically daring and mad fast, his dancing is always precise, intense, and intimate. As a teacher he says various brilliant things; he is also an astonishingly good follower, and his musicality is just beyond.

Evan has been dancing tango since 1998 and teaching since 2001. His more influential teachers include: Elizabeth Wartluft and Greg Estes in Eugene, Daniel Trenner, Christopher Nassopoulos, and from Buenos Aires: Luciana Valle, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, Fabian Salas, Guillermo Merlo and Fernanda Ghi, Susana Miller, Florencia Taccetti, Hugo Patyn and Miriam Larici, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Rodolfo "El Chino" Aguerrodi, Norberto "El Pulpo" Esbres and Luiza Paes. He has assisted Susana Miller in classes, and has taught and performed with Luciana Valle, Alex Krebs, Rebecca Shulman, and Florencia Taccetti.

Over the years Evan has visited many places in the States for tango, and spent time dancing in Berlin, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires. He has taught in festivals and workshops across the country and in Berlin. In 2006 Dance Manhattan invited him to move from Oregon to New York and teach for them. Currently he lives in Harlem and has been contributing his insight and energy to the New York tango scene.

Evan studied classical piano for twelve years growing up, and studied music in college. He has been playing tango piano now for the last seven years, and the passion for it has become a major part of his life. Evan plays often with Conjunto Berretin and with the big festival orchestras, and coaches other musicians on how to give tangos the vigor and swing that dancers love.

Here's Evan dancing with Rebecca Shulman