Michael Jagger

Michael began dancing in college in Jacksonville, Fl., and once he had a taste of swing and transferred back home to Colorado he began taking Lindy Hop lessons from the performance troupe, The Jumpin' JiveCats, and eventually joined the troupe as teacher and performer.

In 2003, Michael serendipitously moved to Los Angeles to join the dance company run by Londoners Ryan Francoise and Jenny Thomas, who had relocated to LA for a time. At that time he met his future, and current, partner Evita Arce. Neither could have imagined what adventures were in store for them.

Both Michael and Evita moved to New York City in 2005. They currently perform and teach internationally and continue to train with Ryan and Jenny when either jumps across the pond.

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Michael Jagger teaches Wall St. Journal's Wendy Bounds Charleston Moves - Gatsby Style

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